Government & Nonprofit Cause Campaigns

Raising public awareness about your mission

No money for advertising? We specialize in developing successful cause-related models to partner with the news media verses the high cost of media buys. We work nationally with all broadcast and print news media outlets with great success in both advertising partnerships and story placement.

  • Workforce Investment Works

    On behalf of the National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB), FCM designed a national campaign featuring a storytelling website to help America understand the services, value and impact of the workforce investment system. The NAWB represents business-led workforce investment boards (WIBs) across the country that plan and oversee state and local workforce development and job training programs and provide strategic direction around workforce issues and solutions in their communities through Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funding.

    Features include an Intranet that allows success stories to be uploaded to a public site for viewing, and sorted by state and workforce customer type. As the repository grows, the site will be searchable by Congressional district. The online petition for WIA funding, Facebook Cause page and Twitter have hit all campaign goals and continue to grow in support of WIA funding, during this time of deep budget cuts. Workforce stakeholders upload innovations and simple customer quotes or testimonials that they may have readily available on file.

  • Workforce and Economic Development Campaign

    FCM was hired by the Department of Labor-Employment and Training Administration to lead workforce investment boards from the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County in an eight month project to attract business customers to the public workforce investment systems. FCM led strategy sessions to improve business outreach operational structures and to develop a comprehensive brand strategy.

    The City and County workforce investment boards successfully merged their business services teams and used a summit event as a catalyst to build partnerships with economic development, community colleges, and local businesses.

    FCM aligned teams and engaged stakeholders and political constituencies [governor; county commissioners; mayor] for the sold out Summit with Steve Forbes, created all marketing materials, negotiated a cause-marketing media package, conducted public relations activities, managed the project from start to finish, and trained teams to deploy the brand strategies.

    Outcomes of the project include:

    Awareness of the workforce system among business in targeted sectors improved from 14.2 percent to 46.1 percent.

    Market penetration among businesses using One-Stop Career Center services in targeted sectors increased from 1.7 percent to over 12 percent.

    Over $90,000 was raised in corporate sponsorship monies to help fund future projects.

    "Cause-related" marketing was used as a pivotal strategy to create a strategic alliance valued at over $178,000 with the local newspaper, The Plain Dealer.

    38 proactive print and/or broadcast stories were placed about the project.

    Coalitions in health care, small business, construction, and manufacturing were created.

  • KFMB News Media Partnership

    FCM used cause-related marketing (CRM) to develop a partnership with local CBS affiliate, KFMB TV 8, to promote the San Diego Workforce Partnership's (SDWP) localized career management Web site.

    FCM successfully developed and pitched a CRM proposal that co-branded the career management site, and engaged KFMB as a new media partner to champion the "cause" of workforce development. FCM trained and organized SDWP career center staff and partners to develop online stories and tips for job seekers and businesses, which were posted on the special 8 At Work co-branded Web page. FCM and KFMB produced a 30 second commercials about the site targeting businesses and the job seekers.

    The 15-month initiative resulted in the 8 At Work Web page being the third most visited area of KFMB's site [behind sports and weather], and resulted in aligning with the news team to conduct special stories and a regular weekly news segment. The value of this partnership resulted in over $1.8 million in free news media stories and commercials, and an increase in brand awareness from 6 percent to 54 percent for the SDWP.

  • Life After the Layoff

    FCM and the teams at the PeninsulaWorks Career Centers launched a community awareness media campaign called Life After the Layoff™. The campaign goals were to increase brand awareness of PeninsulaWorks among San Mateo area businesses about layoff aversion strategies, and employment and training services; and to enroll dislocated workers into training programs and other services at the PeninsulaWorks Career Centers.

    FCM developed a campaign theme - Life After the Layoff; a special campaign Web site; collateral materials; advertising packages; and designed a special event targeting businesses and dislocated workers. FCM conducted sales training for the "Job Squad", the customer contact teams at the Career Centers. The job seeker event consisted of mini sales orientations about PeninsulaWorks and the available services, a Dislocated Worker Toolkit, and follow-up calls to those interested in services.

    A proclamation was deployed by the County Board of Supervisors declaring May 2006 "Dislocated Worker Month" in San Mateo County. FCM negotiated contracts with media partners including Clear Channel Communications and The San Mateo County Times. Clear Channel distributed 40,000 guerilla marketing flyers at their events, conducted outreach at community colleges, ran :30 and :60 second spots, developed banner ads, and streaming on all ten stations in the Bay Area. Additionally, they provided two "Groove Crews" at the event with prizes. Ramp-up media interviews occurred on the stations as well. The San Mateo County Times ran promotional ads, and conducted a direct mail campaign to over 100,000 households.

    Additionally, FCM negotiated a sponsorship package with thirteen of the fifteen local chambers participating. Chambers sent email blasts to their members inviting them to the campaign event, posted Web site promotional materials, ran newsletter articles, donated prizes to the event, and promoted the event to its members at various meetings.

    FCM developed media kits and press releases to ramp-up the event and increase participation and news media coverage. The event attracted over 200 job seekers with teams producing a 50 percent close rate and meeting their operational objectives. Over 50 businesses attended the networking and layoff aversion education event producing new customers for PeninsulaWorks teams. FCM, in conjunction with support from one of the Workforce Investment Board members, produced a wrap-up promotional video on the project to support future funding efforts.

  • Virginia Workforce Network

    The Virginia Workforce Council (VWC) contracted with FCM to develop a statewide campaign in collaboration with the seventeen local workforce investment areas (LWIAs), to raise awareness of the Virginia Workforce network (VWN) brand.

    FCM completed three phases to the project including 1) a market position analysis of the VWN brand and brand surveys; 2) development and deployment of a strategic campaign; and 3) and analysis of the campaign and its return on investment (ROI).

    FCM created a "Workforce Development Month Campaign", in conjunction with the LWIAs, holding 29 public relations events across the state. Attended by 7,610 participants, the campaign provided a mechanism to strengthen or develop 39 new strategic relationships with businesses, chambers of commerce, economic development and education. Over 100 print and broadcast stories were successfully placed about the campaign. Brand awareness of the public workforce investment system increased from 20 to 47 percent among Virginia businesses.

  • Southern California's Workforce Development Campaign

    FCM was retained by the Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board (WIB) to support a regional campaign for all southern California WIBs (15 total) to showcase success stories about the workforce investment system and improve awareness of services. The campaign engaged all partners in designing special events and promotion of services at all of the One-Stop Career Centers.

    FCM negotiated a media partnership with Clear Channel Communications valued at $43,000 for seed monies of $5,000, and developed a campaign microsite, campaign toolkit with press templates, proclamation samples, and planning guidelines. An iFrame was installed on partner websites to boost referrals and site traffic among partner websites and the campaign microsite, and promote the 748 events that occurred as part of the campaign.

    Campaign Microsite Results:

    Visits: 6,228
    Unique Visitors: 4,536
    Page Views: 14,170
    Page Views on Center Websites: 39,633
    Referrals from Campaign Site to Center Sites: 740
    Referrals among Center Sites: 1,256

  • Investments That Count

    The California Community Colleges Economic and Workforce Development (EWD) Initiative zis a program administered by the Chancellor's Office to support high growth sector businesses in California with workforce training, technical consulting and business services. There are 11 programs that comprise the EWD initiative throughout California including advanced transportation and energy, biotechnology, healthcare, environmental safety and homeland security, international trade, new media, small business and entrepreneurship, workplace education, manufacturing, Californian Corporate College, and the Centers of Excellence.

    FCM designed an outreach campaign to legislators to increase awareness of the impact of these programs which included fact sheets, outreach toolkits, video and microsite for legislators.


  • “I’ve learned in our re-branding journey with FCM that there has to be a clear alignment from all of our business processes to our brand strategy. Their organizational ecosystem is a highly effective model that has propelled our organization to the next level of performance. I’d highly recommend their talented team.”
    Todd Gustafson - Executive Director // Kinexus
  • “FCM did an outstanding job of facilitating our Board through a brand strategy process that included market research and interviews with key influencers in our community. Our new website is a great reflection of that strategy and has continued to serve our important outreach and community engagement efforts.”
    Matthew James - President & CEO // Peninsula Council for Workforce Development
  • “When the National Association of Workforce Boards chose a new communications firm, we did a thorough review of our choices and could not be happier with FCM. Their dedication to us as a client is exceptional, and their eye for what we need has been superb. The measure of their excellence is demonstrated through our selection for the International Davey Award for our integrated campaign.”
    Ron Painter - Chief Executive Officer // National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB)
  • “The Chancellor's Office had a need for a mission-critical web application to manage, audit, and report on the ROI of various state-wide initiatives across the California Community Colleges system. The team at FCM did an outstanding job in guiding us through a needs assessment, process, user, and market analyses, and database design. We could not recommend a marketing or development house more enthusiastically than Full Capacity Marketing.”
    Ray York - Former Dean // California Community Colleges Economic & Workforce Development Program
  • “Celina is an exceptional talent. Her ability to perceive the intellectual concept and the parameters of a problem or challenge and artfully apply solutions and expertise is astounding. She has powerful and effective interpersonal skills and consistently delivers outstanding products and service on time and without cost over runs. I strongly endorse her company and the work performed.”
    Booker Graves - Former Executive Director // State of Colorado - Office of Workforce Development
  • “Celina and the FCM Team are quite simply amazing! Their attention to detail, customer care and innovative approach to telling the story of the workforce system have been exactly what the California Workforce Association needed to move this field of practice forward.”
    Barbara Halsey - Executive Director // CWA
  • “Without a doubt, FCM provided our organization with the right re-branding strategy and solutions. Using a collaborative approach to engage our stakeholders resulted in the development and deployment of logos, communication protocols, website design, social media strategies and more. Celina and the FCM Team provided comprehensive and efficient expertise that expanded the awareness and understanding of our mission.”
    Bruce England - Executive Director // Susquehanna Workforce Network
  • “FCM did an outstanding job on our Workforce Development Month campaign. They worked diligently to successfully develop coordinated strategies with our 18 One-Stop Career Centers, and all of the workforce investment boards in Southern California. The campaign was a great return on our investment, and raised public awareness and appreciation of the workforce system by lawmakers.”
    Richard Verches – Executive Director // Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board
  • “FCM provided our organization with a professional, expedient and creative solution to our Web and marketing plan needs. Their staff was motivated, efficient and quickly came up to speed on the needs and specifics of our industry message. We would definitely work with them again in the future.”
    Karen A. Springmeier - Executive Director // Finger Lakes Workforce Investment Board, Inc.
  • “It was such a pleasure to work with Celina and her team on our recent project. Celina has an obvious passion for Workforce Development and it was refreshing to hear her creative ideas that helped build our organizations website into a much more effective tool. I would highly recommend Celina and her team and look forward to many more successful projects with Full Capacity Marketing in the future.”
    Sarah Hartzler - Community Relations Officer // South Central Michigan Works!
  • “We had the privilege of working with Celina and her team when we needed to redesign our website, as well as our parent company’s. We needed the branding of both websites to be consistent, though there were differences in target markets and goals. Celina was extremely knowledgeable, unfailingly professional, organized and responsive to our goals for both sites on a very tight timeline. We’re very happy with our new sites, and we recommend FCM without hesitation!”
    Laurie Holman - Marketing Coordinator // Career Source
  • “California Corporate College hired FCM to help one of our customers with understanding their market position and how to best sell their products and services. We were so impressed with FCM’s approach, analysis and the presentation to our customer. It has far exceeded what we were contracted to do and I know the information will help our customer make an informed decision on how to best position their organization. Thanks FCM!”
    Catherine Swenson - Director // California Corporate College
  • “Celina has a distinct and effective style of collaboration that is highly successful in bridging gaps and finding common ground between various stakeholders. Her public awareness campaign was highly successful in improving our brand awareness, but most importantly laid the foundational groundwork for building partnerships with our most important community stakeholders within the public workforce investment system, economic development and community colleges.”
    Shanee Smith - Senior Planner // Virginia Employment Commission - Workforce Investment Act Division
  • “FCM is a resource that other workforce boards should tap. As a result of our work with FCM, we have completely re-branded our Board, restructured our customer service and communication processes, and deployed a highly effective website that meets our virtual communication goals. I would recommend their services without hesitation to any of my workforce colleagues.”
    Adam Peck - Executive Director // Workforce Investment Board of Tulare County
  • “The FCM team is bright, professional, creative and highly strategic. The brand strategy and outreach materials they developed exceeded our expectations, and have been instrumental in helping us meet our goals and objectives.”
    Sharon Sewell - Director of Program Operations // Workforce Professionals Training Institute
  • “While serving as a Dean in Southern California, FCM helped us build a cohesive brand strategy among our multiple workforce and economic development programs and fragmented funding streams. I’d highly recommend FCM to any community college that needs to focus on strategic branding, marketing and communications.”
    Bruce Getzan - Director of the Continuing Education and Training Division // University of Hawaii, Kauai Community College
  • “Celina’s strategic marketing and communications plan was instrumental in creating success on our LMI Marketing Pilot Project. Teams in Cleveland and its metro area now have a coordinated and sustainable business outreach system that continues to grow each day.”
    Michelyn Burke-Lee - Manpower Analyst // Department of Labor - Employment and Training Administration
  • “Celina and FCM are simply amazing! Excellent organizational skills, communication, creativity and detailed action plans that are delivered on time, every time. We had a very aggressive schedule that they understood, accepted and delivered beyond expectation! To put it simply, WOW!”
    Tim Witter - Vice President, Operations // Gorbel Inc. - FAME Member
  • “Our non-profit worked with FCM to teach employees consultative sales techniques and to think differently about service delivery for our employer customers. FCM, in a time constrained environment, kept in regular contact with our office, developed marketing materials and trained all our staff. The staff enjoyed the training while they were learning and were pleased with the professional marketing materials.”
    Shannon Munro - Executive Director // CPWDC
  • “FCM was a driving force behind the planning and implementation of our first Workforce Summit which brought together public, private, and educational institutions dedicated to economic development in our region. I would recommend their services to any of my colleagues in the field.”
    Robert Paponetti - Vice-President Workforce and Economic Development Division // Cuyahoga County Community College
  • “Celina brings her public and private sector experiences together, creating a variety of sessions that make a difference... and are fun! The evaluations are consistently positive and her material is always fresh and on target. People want more of Celina!”
    Diane Walton - Staff // Department of Labor - ETA Region 6
  • “Part of our Board’s strategy in looking at future trends and creating solutions for our community requires engaging the many public/private workforce, economic and educational partners. FCM has greatly supported this strategy by developing a new website that provides a two-way communication mechanism for our community stakeholders to weigh-in on our funding, our strategies, and key initiatives.”
    David Hollars - Executive Director // Centralina Workforce Development Board
  • “FCM has a unique customer-centric model in approaching branding, marketing and communications strategies. We were highly impressed with the market research and upfront strategy sessions that enabled us to tap into the needs of our ultimate users. Working with FCM was an outstanding investment, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the team at FCM. I hope to work with them again in the future.”
    Carolyn Jeskey - Director // Joblinks Employment Transportation Center
  • “From day one, FCM showed leadership, competence, attention to detail and fiscal discipline with our contract. I appreciated their ability to work within a tight budget and always produce a great product. I would most certainly recommend FCM to any of my community college colleagues, and I would hire them again for future projects.”
    Hank Rogers - Director // Centers for Applied Competitive Technologies
  • “FCM hit a home run in putting together all of our accomplishments and future goals into a compelling story that was easily understood and communicated. I'd highly recommend FCM to any organization interested in creating and telling a compelling story that builds public interest and support for your organization’s mission.”
    Terry Watson - Director Workforce Solutions // Oklahoma Department of Commerce
  • “Our teams thoroughly enjoyed working with FCM in developing our Life After the Layoff campaign. From campaign design to coordinating all of our teams, the event was a great success in achieving our operational goals and raising community awareness and support for our agency.”
    Fred Slone - Workforce Development Manager // County of San Mateo
  • “You energized us as well as acknowledged my staff’s work with our area employers to date. We appreciate your participant-active approach and willingness to design the workshop agenda around our skill needs. Your marketing skills, personable manner and experience as a seasoned consultant make you a natural for the work you do with nonprofit organizations like ours.”
    Martha Chavis - Director // Camden Community Connections - Camden, NJ
  • “Celina helped us define our brand and created a fabulous website to promote our new image, products and services to our customers. It changed the way we are perceived and gives us a great place in which to drive our customers for up-to-the-minute industry reports we have written and events we are conducting.”
    Jennifer Oliver - Center Director // Greater Silicon Valley Center of Excellence
  • “FCM has supported several of our high growth economic development projects with branding, marketing and communications strategies. Our new websites are easy to navigate, customer friendly and right on target. We have received compliments from companies, local governments, and our regional partners. These websites work! I would highly recommend their services.”
    Laura S. Mundell - Director, Community and Economic Development // Centralina Council of Governments
  • “Becoming acquainted with Celina and FCM has been very rewarding for me and for Centralina Workforce Development. Celina has a keen understanding of what strategies and actions are necessary to be successful, and how to achieve the best returns on your effort and investment. Most importantly, she is a great business coach whether you are managing a nonprofit or a competitive business.”
    Bob Van Gorden - Past Board Chair & Current Board Member // Centralina Workforce Development Board
  • “I had the opportunity to work closely with Celina and the team at FCM, since the initiation of their marketing portion of the High Growth Youth Offender Initiative. We have collaborated with them on various aspects of the project throughout the year. I have continually been impressed with their high degree of organization and professionalism, and their ability to help human service organizations develop a strong branding message that speaks to local businesses.”
    Jonathan Liebert - Director // Right Track Project - Colorado Springs, CO
  • “Celina and her team provide exceptional service that will exceed your expectations. We were particularly impressed with the professional, polished design and look of the marketing materials and how they align with our organization’s mission and strategic direction to the brand and messaging. Deadlines were consistently met on time, and I’d highly recommend them to any of my colleagues.”
    Theresa Milan - Center Director // Northern CA Region Center of Excellence
  • “Celina and her team created a great Workforce Summit for the Cleveland/Cuyahoga Workforce Investment Board. The event was unprecedented in terms of bringing workforce development as a economic development driver to the forefront of our community. I would hire her company for ANY event that required media and planning assistance and consider her one of the very best firms in the industry across the country.”
    Allison Motz - Executive Director // City of Cleveland - Workforce Development Division
  • “FCM understands our market needs and how to position workforce and economic development as important community causes. We are very impressed with our new brand identity and are using it to continue to build community partnerships with our Biotech Consortium.”
    Rob Gamble - Business Service Director // Alameda County Workforce Investment Board
  • “Celina and her professional team have an excellent reputation in the field. I would highly recommend Celina’s company to any community college that needs assistance in building both internal and external consensus around brand strategies, and for professional, on-time and cost-effective marketing strategies and communication products.”
    Pamela LiCalsi, Dean - Training and Develop // College of the Desert
  • “FCM designed a highly effective website to support our education and outreach needs with the dislocated workers at NUMMI. FCM understands workforce development and their communication strategies are right on target. Their team is very responsive and I would highly recommend their services to any of my colleagues.”
    Roy Bertuccelli - Program Director // Alameda County Workforce Investment Board
  • “Celina was exceptional as a keynote speaker at our Statewide Conference on Economic and Workforce Development through the California Community Colleges. She is superb at "breathing life" into the concept of branding as a critical process for creating value added relationships between colleges and the business communities they serve. Celina's personal integrity, commitment to innovation and engaging personal style make her an absolute pleasure to have on your business development team.”
    Michael Ward - Former Statewide Director // California Community Colleges Economic and Workforce Development
  • “We immediately implemented Celina’s strategies on cause-related marketing and our Business Services team has seen extraordinary results in the last two years, as a direct result of her training. Thank you for the excellent work you do to support the efforts of workforce investment boards and One-Stops to excel in the demand driven vision.”
    Lorraine Fernandez - Business Services Coordinator // Workforce Investment Board of Solano County
  • “FCM was instrumental in helping our Foundation kickoff a critical giving campaign by focusing on the development of a long-term re-branding strategy. I’d highly recommend FCM to any nonprofit looking to be more strategic and focused about their image and fundraising strategies.”
    Brett Lundstrom - Chair // Elgin Community College Foundation
  • “By far, Celina Shands is one of the most talented PR professionals that I have ever met in my 20 years in broadcast. Thinking out-of-the-box is the norm for Celina as evidenced by her cause-related marketing projects.”
    Leslie Groza - Noon News Producer // KFMB TV 8 - San Diego
  • “FCM has an energetic, professional, smart team that understands the world of community colleges. What I appreciate most about FCM is their responsiveness and ability to deliver quality products and services very rapidly. Our brand strategy and subsequent marketing and communications tools developed by FCM are outstanding and have helped our team achieve great success. I would recommend FCM without hesitation to any community college.”
    Audrey Reille, Ed. D. - Director // Center of Excellence and CTE Hub