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With increasing self-isolation in response to COVID-19, a virtual team model is coming to the forefront for many workforce and education organizations that are accustomed to onsite service delivery for students, job seekers and employers. Here at FCM, we’ve operated using a virtual business model for 18 years, so we are lending our expertise to support workforce and education organizations with crisis communications planning and designing operational structures to maintain efficient communication both internally and with the public.

Schedule a consult with FCM’s CEO to discuss your operational model and how to adapt in the new COVID-19 environment and go to our new microsite dedicated to communications strategies for workforce and education organizations.

In this edition:
COVID-19: Crisis Communications Plan
Life After the Layoff Toolkit: Workforce Development Organizations
Student Engagement & Retention Tools: Education Organizations
Social Media Plan
eMarketing Execution
COVID-19 Website Templates

COVID-19 Crisis Communications Plan

A step-by-step blueprint with proactive key message points on how to communicate both internally with staff and externally with customers and stakeholders during COVID-19.

Life After the Layoff Toolkit:
Workforce Development Organizations

This tailored electronic toolkit supports workforce boards and American Job Centers in shifting to a remote business model and includes videos that take your orientation and workshops from in-person to online; consistent e-marketing and messaging; website copy and templates pertaining to COVID-19; and social media management. 

Student Enrollment & Retention
Social Media Workgroup

Pivoting to online learning models is a major pain point for educational organizations during COVID-19. FCM’s student engagement and retention tools include a proactive approach to adapting to online learning models along with awareness campaigns about pathway options and the usage of student ambassadors via a work study program. 

Social Media Plan

Stay ahead of the curve on misinformation and use social media to communicate effectively to students, job seekers, employers and stakeholders through a proactive detailed social media plan.

eMarketing Execution

Jumpstart your proactive communications by segmenting databases to create tailored messages to various target audiences with specific calls to action including job seekers, employers and students.

COVID-19 Web Templates

You don’t have to redesign your entire website for COVID-19, but your workforce and education customers and partners do need consistent messaging and communication from your website. FCM has ready-made web templates to plug into your current website. 

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