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The 3 P’s of Workforce Marketing

The Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act focuses on regional collaboration among multiple workforce and education partners and organizations. FCM just completed a workshop on this topic at two national workforce conferences where we talked about the difficulties of regional collaboration as it pertains to marketing and communications.

Top issues articulated by participants attending the workshops included the following comments and questions:

  • How can we create a regional workforce board when each board doesn’t want to give up their individual brand indentity?
  • How do we avoid duplication when conducting outreach to similar target audiences like job seekers and employers?
  • What are the best promotional strategies to use for various target audiences?

These are complex issues that need a thoughtful approach to branding, marketing and communications. While the private sector uses the Four P’s of marketing (product, price, place and promotion), the world of workforce development has to adapt this model for its branding and communications strategies using the Three P’s: Portfolio, Package, and Promotion.


Collectively, workforce and education organizations within a region have a wide range of assets to serve customers, including services, initiatives, grants and resources. Taking an ongoing inventory of these assets enhances each organization’s ability to refer and leverage assets for the benefit of their customers.


Once the portfolio inventory has been completed, then assets can be grouped by target audience including employers, job seekers, students and youth.


The collective portfolio can be promoted on each of the partners’ individual websites and marketing materials. It’s important to understand how your partners promote their services (web, one-to-one communication, eMarketing etc.) so that you can piggyback on their efforts to get your promotional messages to a wider audience. There are additional strategies for collective promotion such as the development of a regional microsite, workforce and education campaigns, and the application of various communication mediums that resonate with each target audience; these strategies will be explored in future articles of eleVate.

Click here to get more detailed information on applying the 3P’s to your workforce branding dilemmas by requesting a copy of FCM’s Branding & Communications Blueprint to jumpstart this process in your region.

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Marketing Workforce Conferences & Summits

FCM just returned from the National Association of Workforce Boards Annual Forum in Washington, DC where our team was recognized for its efforts in branding and marketing the conference. FCM Marketing & Communications Director, Donna Ryals said, “This is our 6th year of collaborating with the amazing staff at NAWB to brand and market the conference; every year we wonder if we can top the last one, but this year had close to 1,500 participants.”

The NAWB Forum takes the collaboration of many organizations and specialists to work with the staff at NAWB in designing the right format, speakers and events to attract the national crowd of workforce system stakeholders and partners.

Key strategies included a wide range of communications tools including print materials, an event website, eMarketing, educational eNewsletters, online advertising, social media and special apps.

FCM’s role is to support NAWB in bringing their vision to fruition through audience messaging, themes, videos, stage graphics, signage, design of the program book and the event website, and outreach.  

Click here to see more of FCM’s work with NAWB, and contact us if you would like to learn more about how we can help market your workforce conference and summit.

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National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP)
Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Communicating Your Workforce Brand in a World of Collaboration and Partnerships

Successful execution of regional strategies requires collaboration among various organizations that have individual brands in the market. Explore how to design a regional brand strategy and communications plan (BCP) that packages and promotes all of the available regional workforce and education initiatives, services, and resources while cross promoting the individual participating brands. Using FCM's Brand & Communications Blueprint, this session deconstructs the major decision points required to develop a thoughtful and effective BCP. The results "connect the dots" for job seekers, youth, and businesses, helping them navigate a network of regional brands and maximizing their engagement.

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Digital Engagement Strategies

The Digital Government Engagement 2016 study reports that government organizations around the world continue to look for new ways to improve their communications strategy and connect with an increasingly mobile and tech-savvy audience. The top three digital channels organizations focused their efforts included: website (nearly 87%), social media (63%) and email (51%). These results point to why a customer-centric digital engagement strategy is an important component for connecting with key target audiences every day. What are the major barriers to digital strategies? More than 60 percent of the government organizations surveyed cite budget as a reason for not investing in technology for communication. Click here for a series of posts on building a digital engagement strategy on a tight budget.

Join our Workforce Professionals Social Media Workgroup and weigh in. With nearly 2,000 workforce, education and economic development professionals, it’s an easy and fun way to share and learn practices from your colleagues.

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