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A simple tool to give time-strapped college counselors more free minutes in the day

Ever-busy career counselors are a key part of the college enrollment process. They help prospective students explore careers and set goals, and they are part of a college’s proactive outreach efforts. So, the Central/Mother Lode Regional Consortium, in selecting FCM to design and launch a multimedia student-enrollment campaign, wanted to be sure the campaign included a resource for counselors.

FCM delivered, with the Counselor Playbook. An online, interactive guide, it walks counselors though the campaign website and shows how they can use it as a time-saving, convenient go-to during student consultations. The playbook links directly to different parts of the website, which includes career quizzes, career exploration and 56 videos that tell the career education story through the eyes of a diverse student population.

Check out the Counselor Playbook now

Is Your Website ADA-Compliant? Get Your Complimentary Assessment

ADA compliance isn’t a nice-to-have website feature. It’s a must, if you’re going to comply with the American With Disabilities Act, which strives to eliminate the digital divide for individuals with disabilities. Compliance applies to everything from website design and content, including videos and PDFs, to e-newsletters and other content published for public consumption.

ADA compliance also benefits your organization. It:

  • Improves your search-engine presence – With limited budgets, workforce organizations often can’t afford paid digital ads to help with their search-engine presence (search engine optimization). An ADA-compliant website makes the site accessible to all and makes content more accessible (and indexable) to search engines.
  • Enhances your brand – Given “universal access,” organizations funded by the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) need a reputation that is representative of inclusiveness; this applies to communication mediums that inform and educate the public about employment and training services.
  • Increases website usability – Following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines makes web pages easier to understand and improves user experience to help visitors find information quickly.
  • Creates a larger reach – Accessible e-marketing campaigns to inform job seekers and employers of employment and training solutions result in improved analytics such as click-through, view and open rates.
  • Avoids unnecessary penalties – New content added to communication mediums after Jan. 18, 2018, must be accessible per ADA guidelines.

ADA Compliance: We can get you there

Full Capacity Marketing and its sister company, Business U, have combined their technology expertise to offer the workforce system simple compliance solutions for websites and e-marketing campaigns that are fully integrated into one platform.

The package includes:

  • Bringing your organization’s website into ADA-compliance
  • Adding opt-in forms to capture contact information for prospective customers
  • ADA e-marketing campaign templates, with analytics
  • An unlimited number of database contacts
Get your complimentary ADA Communications Assessment or contact us for further information at info@fullcapacitymarketing.com.
Social Media Workgroup
Social Media Workgroup
Social Media Trends to Know
in 2019

Chances are your organization uses at least one social platform as part of your marketing strategy. If so, tailor your social media strategies with insights gained from the Global Web Index: REPORT. Learn about the demographics of those who engage with social media, which devices are used for social networking and other trends to know in 2019.

FCM has a Social Media Workgroup of more than 2,000 workforce and education professionals who share articles, trends and best practices related to how they use various platforms to engage job seekers, students, employers and their partners. Join our LinkedIn Social Media Workgroup to connect with your colleagues from across the country for peer-to-peer social media learning.

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A Simple Tool to Give Time-Strapped College Counselors More Free Minutes in the Day


Is Your Website ADA-Compliant? Get Your Complimentary Assessment

Social Media Workgroup

Social Media Trends to Know in 2019

Where is FCM?
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