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How Targeted Lead Generation Helps Meet Performance Metrics in Workforce and Education
How Targeted Lead Generation Helps Meet Performance Metrics in Workforce and Education

What exactly is lead generation? It’s the process you use to capture the interest of prospective target audiences like students, job seekers, youth and/or employers so they engage with your workforce or education organization. Having an opt-in form on your website is a foundational starting point for lead generation efforts; these are the forms site visitors complete with their contact information along with areas of interest so that you can follow-up with them. But, there is so much more you can do strategically to capture the interest of specific market segments that you need to engage in order to meet your performance metrics.

For example, depending on your mission, perhaps you’d like to attract dislocated or low-wage workers or members of underserved communities. These “segments” identify who you’d like to engage, but to motivate them to take action you need to know why they would or would not engage with your organization. Effective lead generation is about finding out the emotional drivers of your different types of consumers to increase their interest levels and influence them to take action. This leads to tailoring the right message to the right market segment in order to increase interest.

CaseIn this recent case study, FCM details how this is accomplished by diving into a prospect’s decision-making process to propel them to take action. The case study highlights a regional project among 14 community colleges for a career education campaign that yielded more than 550 leads. This case study will be presented in the fall 2019 for those of you attending the California Community College Association of Occupational Education.

Not attending the conference? Request the case study and/or a consultation to plan your next targeted outreach campaign to those that you need to engage to meet your performance metrics.

Fines for non-ADA compliant websites
How to Leverage Digital Transformation Trends for Exceptional Customer Service Environments

Digital transformation marks a radical rethinking of how an organization uses technology, people and processes to fundamentally change business performance, says George Westerman, MIT principal research scientist and author of Leading Digital: Turning Technology into Business Transformation. While it’s a standard business practice for private-sector companies to maximize technology, public-sector organizations have taken more time to fully embrace its power, including those in workforce development.

Two critical areas that are important for workforce organizations to be successful are relationship-building strategies and targeted outreach. These two components could benefit from using digital transformation strategies to create more efficiencies.

Relationship-building in workforce development and education is a long-term strategy that involves bringing partners to the table to collaborate and solve complex issues facing a community. Targeted outreach requires strategically reaching those market segments of job seekers, youth, students and employers to engage with your organization as a customer of your services to help meet their goals, as well as your performance measures.

While relationship-building and targeted outreach need different strategies, there are three key technology trends that can be leveraged to help execute them successfully: 1) email marketing; 2) marketing automation and 3) customer relationship management.

Read the full article from our sister company, Business U, Inc., to learn more.

Social Media Workgroup
Social Media Workgroup
Twitter reported Testing “Customize Your View” User Interface

Social Barrel released a great article reporting that reliable reverse engineer and social media analyst Jane Manchun Wong believes that a new feature on Twitter is currently being tested for a global launch. The feature allows a user to change theme colors, shades of dark mode and font sizes.

This is the kind of topic that is likely to make it into our
LinkedIn Social Media Workgroup conversations. If you are interested in learning more about social media, staying up with the trends and connecting with your colleagues from across the country for peer-to-peer learning, then consider joining our group.

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Riverside About Students Consortium for Adult Education
July 31, 2019
San Diego, California

This strategy session informs the leadership team about how FCM utilized demographic and psychographic profiles with focus-group testing to create a tailored regional brand and campaign website to improve student enrollment.

Central/Mother Lode Career Counselor Conference
Sept. 13, 2019
Stockton, California

This session unveils the new counselor Lookbook to support career counselors in advising students about high-growth sector occupations and in-demand jobs.  

Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas (WSNCT) Board Retreat
Sept. 24, 2019
Greater Dallas Area

FCM will work with the leadership team of the WSNCT to design a highly interactive board retreat focusing on the development of its board members to be brand ambassadors for the organization, creating substantive messaging and strategies to position the board as recognized leaders in workforce development.

California Community College Association for Occupational Education
Oct. 16-18, 2019
Rancho Mirage, CA

Presentation #1: Maximizing Regional Career Education Campaigns
Presentation #2: Advocacy 2.0: Advanced Strategies to Build Value
Click here for more information

C2 Global Professional Services: Workforce Board Retreat
Oct. 24, 2019

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Using Psychographic Data to Maximize Impact of Workforce Outreach Campaigns

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How Targeted Lead Generation Helps Meet Performance Metrics in Workforce and Education


How to Leverage Digital Transformation Trends for Exceptional Customer Service Environments

Social Media Workgroup

Twitter Reported Testing New Custom Interface

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