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FCM Launches New Blog on Workforce & Education Communications Strategies During COVID-19

Workforce and education organizations have had to be nimble over the past few months, as they responded to the pandemic. From dealing with an influx of unemployment filings to pivoting to online learning and training models, these organizations have needed as part of their response quick and solid communication strategies to support the students, jobseekers and employers they serve.

There are so many moving parts. It’s a lot to keep up with, which is why we have launched a new blog dedicated to proactive communication strategies that workforce and education organizations can use with customers, partners and funders during the pandemic.

Get ahead of the curve with:

  • Thought-leadership articles on how COVID-19 trends impact workforce and education and the solutions to effectively navigate these changing times.
  • Downloadable e-books and tools to replicate the success of other education and workforce organizations that use effective communication strategies and campaigns.
  • Relevant and timely topics including:
    • How to communicate effectively with current and potential students/jobseekers during COVID-19.
    • How a texting campaign can successfully target hard-to-reach low-income populations.
    • How a drip email campaign can re-engage interested but unenrolled students.
    • Why less is more when it comes to your website – and how to achieve it.
    • Why social media advertising is not only inexpensive and effective but essential to your campaign efforts.
    • Which platforms can be used to automate communications.
    • How you can access any gaps in your current outreach efforts.

Where's FCM

Wondering how COVID-19 will impact enrollments in adult education? Join FCM’s virtual session about recruiting adult students during COVID-19 at the Coalition on Adult Basic Education’s 2020 Virtual Conference.

Recruitment of Adult Students During COVID-19
July 7, 2020

Noon- 1 p.m. EDT

Historically, enrollment in training and education has increased during times of recession. But since April, an estimated 28 million Americans have canceled their enrollment plans due to COVID-19. How will adult educators respond to these trends? This session examines successful student-recruitment case studies across a variety of markets and how adult educators are now pivoting to adjust to the new reality of the pandemic.

Learn how to:

  • Create COVID come-back campaigns that recruit adult learners.
  • Use technology to establish effective communications systems.
  • Use the FCM roadmap to evaluate and address current gaps in your proactive outreach efforts.

Celina Shands, M.S.
Founder/CEO – Full Capacity Marketing, Inc.

Maryanne Conlin, MBA
Marketing & Communications Director  – Full Capacity Marketing, Inc.

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