School of Career Education

Riverside School of Career Education
FCM was hired to develop a new brand strategy for Riverside School of Career Education (SCE). After research to identify target markets, FCM developed a new website, communications and outreach tools, a professional video, and a campaign to encourage students to tell their success stories as brand ambassadors.

As a result, Riverside SCE has experienced greater visibility and improved enrollment statistics. More »

Young Adult Internship Program

Mayor Bloomberg's Young Adult Internship Program
FCM developed a targeted brand strategy with outreach tools and a microsite to assist contractors in attracting businesses to support Mayor Bloomberg’s internship program. More »

Susquehanna Workforce Network

Susquehanna Workforce Network (SWN) - SWN hired FCM to assist with a re-branding effort that included a new website, strategic communications plan and social media strategies to improve outreach. More »

Foothill Workforce Development Board

Foothill Workforce Development Board (FWDB) - FWDB hired FCM to redesign its website to include better navigation, target audience messaging and a new tagline communicating its unique value to the region. More »

Workforce Investment Works

Workforce Investment Works - On behalf of the National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB), FCM designed a national campaign featuring a storytelling website to help America understand the services, value and impact of the workforce investment system.

The Workforce Investment Works campaign was selected for the 2011 Davey Awards in the integrated campaign category, judged annually by the International Academy of the Visual Arts (IAVA). More »

East Bay Business Engagement Network

East Bay Business Engagement Network - FCM developed the brand strategy, strategic communications plan, logo, website, and eNewsletter for the Network, bringing the collaborative group together under a single brand. More »

Sequoias Adult Education Consortium

Sequoias Adult Education Consortium - FCM designed a logo, website and an interactive microsite that allows exploration of the educational and career pathways available in the region. More »

California Association of Regional Occupational Centers and Programs

California Association of Regional Occupational Centers and Programs - CAROCP hired FCM for a rebranding initiative and development of a strategic communications plan. More »

Coastline Regional Occupational Program

Coastline Regional Occupational Program
Coastline Regional Occupational Program (ROP) hired FCM to develop a brand strategy for the organization. More »

Center for Teacher Innovation

Center for Teacher Innovation (CTI) - CTI prepares new teachers to succeed in the classroom by offering clear credentialing, teacher induction, and one-to-one coaching. More »

One in Three

Colton-Redlands-Yucaipa Regional Occupational Program (CRY-ROP) - FCM supported the CRY-ROP team in a re-branding effort focused on a customer centric approach. More »

Economic Advancement Research Institute (EARI)

Economic Advancement Research Institute (EARI)
FCM is a founding partner of this non-profit.
More »

One in Three

One in Three Campaign - The Association of Enterprise Opportunity is a national nonprofit and business trade association that represents the U.S. microbusiness industry. More »


Kinexus - FCM helped rebrand Michigan Works! Berrien-Cass-Van Buren as Kinexus with an expanded focus on workforce, business and community development. More »

Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy

Doing What MATTERS for Jobs & the Economy
California Community Colleges Campaign
More »


California Workforce Association (CWA)
The California Workforce Association is a collaborative membership-based organization dedicated to advancing workforce excellence in California.

FCM supports CWA in its marketing and communications efforts through social media, member online learning exchange, and public relations. More »


McGraw-Hill - contracted with FCM to bring its new product line - Workforce Connects – into the workforce and education markets.

Workforce Connects is an online system that supports jobseekers and learners by combining job skills with career interests and aligning this information with workplace and academic skills training and instruction. More »


CASAS (Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems) - FCM created a repositioning strategy, redesigned website and marketing and communications plan. More »

Centralina Workforce Development Board

Centralina Workforce Development Board - FCM transformed a static website into a highly dynamic interactive communication tool to help re-brand the organization. More »


South Central Michigan Works! - FCM rebranded the South Central Michigan Works! through a redesigned website and communication strategies... More »

National Workforce Scorecard

National Workforce Scorecard - FCM, EMSI and NAWB piloted a national economic scorecard with SCMW! More »

Minds That Manufacture

Centralina Economic Development Commission (CEDC) - CEDC supports key activities proposed in the Centralina Regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). More »

Life After the Layoff

Life After the Layoff Campaign - FCM and the teams at the PeninsulaWorks Career Centers launched a community awareness media campaign called Life After the Layoff™. The campaign goals were to increase brand awareness of PeninsulaWorks among San Mateo area businesses about layoff aversion strategies... More »

Just Add One

Just Add One - FCM developed the brand for the Just Add One initiative that builds collaborative teams for the purposes of helping businesses “just add one” worker to its payroll. More »

PA Career Link

PA Career Link – FCM developed a consultative sales process... More »

Career Source

Career Source - FCM redesigned the website... More »

Centralina Council of Governments

Centralina Council of Governments - FCM was hired to develop a brand strategy and outreach plan... More »


National Association of Workforce Boards – NAWB is the only association that represents the network of workforce investment boards across the country.

FCM supported NAWB through the development of its national workforce campaign (Workforce Investment Works), and the development and implementation of a strategic marketing and communications plan. More »

Elgin Community College Foundation

Elgin Community College Foundation – FCM created a theme for Elgin Community College’s Foundation to support their naming opportunities, and developed an outreach strategy to target high-end donors. More »

Colorado Office of Workforce Development

Colorado Workforce Development Month Campaign - FCM was assigned to this project to bridge the state and local outreach efforts and to improve brand awareness ... More »

Community Transportation Association of America

Community Transportation Association of America - FCM deployed market research and developed a website, video and outreach plan to help target CTAA’s audiences. More »

Finger Lakes Advanced Manufacturing Enterprise

Finger Lakes Advanced Manufacturers' Enterprise (FAME)
FAME is an initiative of the Finger Lakes Workforce Investment Board and a collaborative public/private partnership of regional stakeholders that are dedicated to workforce talent.

FCM designed a brand strategy and interactive website that engaged regional advanced manufacturers as members, and piqued the interest of students in advanced manufacturing careers.
More »

Tulare County Youth Workforce Programs

Tulare County Workforce Investment Board – FCM developed a branding strategy, helped the Board restructure their customer service and communication processes, and designed a highly effective website that meets their virtual communication goals. More »

Oklahoma Department of Commerce

Oklahoma Department of Commerce - Governor's Council for Workforce and Economic Development - FCM developed an annual report and executive summary which served as a tool to recruit stakeholders to support the Council's statewide campaign called Grow Oklahoma. More »

College of the Desert

College of the Desert: Institute for Sales and Service Excellence - This highly-visible, recruitment, training and placement facility, serves prospective employees, employers and local businesses... More »

Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence - The Centers of Excellence provide customized data on industries and occupations. FCM designed a brand strategy, marketing and communications plan, and a highly interactive website for outreach. More »

California Community Colleges Economic and Workforce Development (EWD) Initiative

California Community Colleges Economic and Workforce Development (EWD) Initiative - The EWD is a program administered by the Chancellor's Office to support high growth sector businesses in California with workforce training, technical consulting and business services.

FCM supports the 11 programs that comprise the EWD initiative throughout California with marketing and communications support, website development and design, video development, social media and news media strategies. More »

California Corporate College

California Corporate College - Established by the California Community Colleges... More »

Bay Area Biotech Consortium

Bay Area Biotech Consortium - The Bay Area Biotech Consortium creates partnerships with businesses, education, economic development and the workforce investment system. FCM developed a brand identity, microsite and a sustainability strategy that attracted regional business. More »

Centers for Applied Competitive Technologies (CACT)

Centers for Applied Competitive Technologies (CACT) - The Centers are an initiative of the California Community College's Economic and Workforce Development (EWD) program that receive funding from the Chancellor's office to develop innovative solutions to help technology companies and individuals compete. FCM designed a brand strategy and marketing and communications plan, and provided capacity building training for the staff. More »


NUMMI Layoffs and Closures - FCM developed an informational website on behalf of the Alameda County Workforce Investment Board... More »

Oholone College & Skyline College - FCM developed a collaborative brand strategy with these colleges and local workforce investment boards to create the Bay Area Biotech Consortium... More »

Southern California’s Workforce Development Campaign

Southern California’s Workforce Development Campaign - FCM was retained by the Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board (WIB) to support a regional campaign for all southern California WIBs... More »

Youth Connect

Tulare County WIB Youth Council Programs - FCM developed a brand strategy to integrate communications for the youth programs funded by the Tulare County Workforce Investment Board. More »

County of San Mateo

County of San Mateo: Human Services Agency FCM developed a brand strategy and a microsite to support the various recovery programs called SMC Works... More »

College of the Canyons

Economic & Workforce Division: College of the Canyons This complex division housed a variety of individually-branded training and development programs... More »

California Community Colleges

California Community Colleges: Investments that Count Campaign – FCM designed an outreach campaign to educate legislators and increase awareness of the impact of these programs which included fact sheets, outreach toolkits, video and microsite for legislators. More »

Project 500

San Jose Evergreen Community College District – FCM was hired to support a Green Innovation Challenge grant program called Project 5002. FCM developed toolkits, a video, microsite... More »


CTE Hub Grant - FCM was hired to retool their portfolio and create interactive educational tools for program developers and career counselors. More »


KFMB News Media Partnership: 8 At Work Campaign - FCM used cause-related marketing (CRM) to develop a partnership with local CBS affiliate, KFMB TV 8, to promote the San Diego Workforce Partnership's (SDWP) localized career management website. More »

Cleveland Regional Workforce and Economic Development

Cleveland Workforce and Economic Development Campaign - FCM was hired by the Department of Labor-Employment and Training Administration to lead workforce investment boards from the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County in an eight month project to attract business customers to the public workforce investment systems... More »

Virginia Workforce Network

Virginia Workforce Network - The Virginia Workforce Council (VWC) contracted with FCM to develop a statewide campaign in collaboration with the seventeen local workforce investment areas (LWIAs), to raise awareness of the Virginia Workforce network (VWN) brand... More »

Desert Regional Consortium Community College Network - Full Capacity Marketing, Inc. designed an educational video package to tell their collective story, and attract new businesses to the DRC.
More »

Peninsula Council for Workforce Development - - FCM used a highly effective customer-focused process based on market demands and objective research, to support the PCFWD... More »

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