New Organizational Ecosystem Unveiled
May 13, 2013

San Diego, CA — Full Capacity Marketing, Inc. (FCM) passed its ten-year milestone in April 2013, and is celebrating by launching new product and service lines that accelerate brand-building success. With two International Davey Awards and numerous American Marketing Association Awards, including the Marketer of the Year for FCM’s president and chief executive officer, FCM has been successfully helping to build high performing organizations by aligning business processes with a brand strategy that results in outstanding market position to attract the right funders, partners, and customers needed for organizational success.

“We’ve had exceptional success because we’ve had exceptional customers that want to push the envelope of what traditional nonprofits and government organizations do, beyond their allocated funding streams,” said FCM President/CEO, Celina Shands Gradijan. “Our private sector customers understand the concept of building market position to succeed, but when you run an expense-based organization, like those in the public sector, it’s not so clear cut. This is what makes our customers extremely successful—their focus isn’t about spending down the budget, it’s about solving real-world challenges in partnership with the private sector.”

FCM has expanded its service offerings with more brand alignment tools that cross into business management called the Organizational Ecosystem. It contains five, interrelated components including leadership, positioning, people, process and quality. As with any ecosystem, one component cannot thrive without the others. By aligning business processes with a brand strategy, the organizational ecosystem supports the building of a highly relevant organization that is market responsive to the needs of the community.

 “Our philosophy is all about enhancing the internal capacity of organizations to be self-sufficient with their organizational ecosystem,” said Gradijan.  “I always say that our unique selling proposition is that we try to work our way out of a job everywhere we go.  We want to work with customers over a period of time to help them build full capacity within their organization to succeed at all levels.” 

To take a look at FCM’s new organizational ecosystem, click here. To view FCM’s portfolio and free resources and tools, go to www.FullCapacityMarketing.com.


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