COVID-19 Communication Strategies. Find out how FCM can help during this national crisis right now.

COVID-19 Communications Strategies

COVID-19 Communications
Communications Strategies for
Workforce & Education Organizations
Crisis Communications for Staff & the Public

COVID-19 Crisis
Communications Plan

Let FCM design a crisis communications plan that provides a step-by-step process along with key message points on how to communicate both internally with staff and externally with customers and stakeholders during COVID-19. The blueprint gives staff the guidance they need to proactively communicate through a tailored tactical execution plan. Contact us to discuss.

Life After the Layoff Toolkit:
Workforce Development Organizations

Dealing with the influx of unemployment filings due to the coronavirus and moving American Job Centers to a remote business model is a lot to handle. FCM has developed a Life After the Layoff Toolkit for workforce development organizations. The toolkit includes videos that take your orientation and workshops from in-person to online; consistent e-marketing and messaging; website copy and templates pertaining to COVID-19; and social media management. Contact us for more information.

Student Engagement & Retention Tools:
Education Organizations

Pivoting to online learning models is a major pain point for educational organizations during COVID-19. Students will have a higher learning curve and are more apt to drop out. FCM’s student engagement and retention tools include a proactive approach to keeping students engaged and retained while moving to awareness campaigns about pathway options. Contact us for a strategy session.

COVID-19 Communications
FCM Tools You Can Use Right Now
Crisis Communications is About
Moving Quickly to Get Your Message Out

Social Media Plan

Amid the wave of coronavirus-related content, it is a challenge for workforce and education organizations to stay ahead of the curve on misinformation and to communicate effectively to students, job seekers, employers and stakeholders. Contact FCM to get short-term assistance with social media management, as well as a social media strategy for long-term execution.

E-Marketing Execution

Consistent messages to your various market segments during times of crisis is critical. Let FCM design an e-marketing template and create content to cut through the noise and confusion during COVID-19. Our team can help you jumpstart your communications, segment your database to build tailored messages and create a long-term strategy for your organization for consistent and effective communication. Contact us to learn more.

COVID-19 Web Templates

You don’t have to redesign your entire website for COVID-19, but your workforce and education customers and partners do need consistent messaging and communication from your website. FCM has ready-made web templates to plug into your current website. Contact us for a web consult.