FCM used cause-related marketing (CRM) to develop a partnership with local CBS affiliate, KFMB TV 8, to promote the San Diego Workforce Partnership’s (SDWP) localized career management website.

The 15-month initiative resulted in the 8 At Work Web page being the third most visited area of KFMB’s site [behind sports and weather], and resulted in aligning with the news team to conduct special stories and a regular weekly news segment. The value of this partnership resulted in over $1.8 million in free news media stories and commercials, and an increase in brand awareness from 6 percent to 54 percent for the SDWP.

“By far, Celina Shands is one of the most talented PR professionals that I have ever met in my 20 years in broadcast. Thinking out-of-the-box is the norm for Celina as evidenced by her cause-related marketing projects.”

Leslie Groza – Noon News Producer

KFMB TV 8 – San Diego