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FCM and The Learning Strategy Joins Behind Every Employer Campaign

San Diego, CA– Employers are faced with multiple challenges in rebuilding during the pandemic that relate to both finding and retaining skilled workforce talent. The August 2021 National Federation of Independent Business’ monthly jobs report revealed that 50% of all small business owners have job openings they could not fill in the current period, far above the 48-year historical average of 22%. The trend toward increasing skills and responsibilities to frontline workers, as well as increased automation, is placing additional skills pressures on employers.Growing the workforce talent pipeline and helping employers upskill their own workers is a core focus of the Coalition on Adult Basic Education’s (COABE) Behind Every Employer campaign that strategically connects companies with education and workforce organizations that provide solutions to their workforce challenges. The campaign is led by an advisory committee of business leaders with COABE and SkillsUSA to build awareness about public/private industry and education partnerships and solutions. In the Fall of 2021, the campaign will add a locator map to its website that allows employers to find workforce solutions and public workforce and education providers by zip code. Workforce and education providers can opt to conduct a localized lead generation campaign with Full Capacity Marketing (FCM) and The Learning Strategy (TLS) who have joined the campaign team.

“We know that workforce and education organizations have limited funding and bandwidth to build relationships with employers consistently,” said campaign team member and CEO/Founder, FCM, Celina Shands. “Outreach to employers is a critical strategy to help students and job seekers find work-based learning opportunities and/or job placements; unfortunately, we find that workforce and education organizations only tap about 1-5% of their potential employer market.”

Expanding into the employer market is something that TLS President, Jeffrey Roth has been doing for decades. His company has helped bridge the communication gap between universities, colleges and workforce agencies with employers such as Verizon, AT&T, GE Aviation, Hilton Worldwide Honors and the Writers Guild of America, to name a few. As a proud campaign team member of Behind Every Employer, Roth said, “It is so important that workforce and education organizations understand how to build relationships with employers and garner their support, whether that means purchasing customized training programs, partnering on sector initiatives, or utilizing these organizations for talent recruitment and work-based learning.”

As the campaign team for Behind Every Employer, TLS and FCM are collectively offering local digital ad campaigns and Appointment Lab services to jumpstart efforts in engaging employers with workforce and education services and initiatives. Education and workforce organizations can collaborate with this team to create a local Behind Every Employer brand with a customized campaign web page, digital advertising to generate employer leads and interest, and an Appointment Lab that establishes initial appointments for the workforce or education providers with companies in the area. These localized campaigns have yielded between a 24-40% lead conversion rate, transforming interested prospective employers into engaged customers and partners with the workforce or education organization.

Workforce or education organizations that would like to get on the national locator map for free employer referrals or get more information about a customized local campaign and Appointment Lab services can go to


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